Growing Minority Business

Supporting Minority entrepreneurs doing business in the cannabis industry.

Who is KRMA Inc?

KRMA Media Inc or KRMA Inc for short, was founded to do one thing. Accelerate African American entrepreneurs and businesses into the Cannabis market place. We are an  entrepreneurship support organization that provides connections to the right mentors, education, partners, industry influencers and investors that are essential to our client's growth.


Canna-Business Boot Camp


KRMA Media Inc produces educational events for aspiring African American canna-business owners and entrepreneurs. All day business intensive immerses participants into a collaborative culture where the are taught from diverse curriculum including cannabis industry fundamentals, business compliance and core business development.


Our special events are informational and dynamic experiences that bring together the  industries biggest influencers and thought leaders to the audiences that need to hear their stories. In addition to equipping businesses for growth, event goers are invited to join the conversation during our interactive and live streamed podcast sessions.


K is for Knowledge

Knowledge Is Power


R is for Resources

Trusted Resources


M is for Minority Focus

Minority Curation 


A is for Accelerate

Marketplace Acceleration

Our fourth core principal is to accelerate African America businesses into the market place. We do this through providing the necessary business skills , tools and resources to be successful.


Our Canna-Business Boot Camp is a content packed, hands on workshop that prepares businesses to enter the industry as quickly as possible. This powerful all day event cuts through the fluff and provides attendees with both an in depth overview of the cannabis industry  and the fundamental business strategies necessary for success.

We are building a movement that will empower African American entrepreneurs doing business in the cannabis industry. 

Together we can change the narrative about  marijuana for the communities most adversely impacted by its criminalization.



KRMA Media Inc. is on a mission to accelerate as many successful AA businesses into the cannabis market place as possible. Through our educational programs and events, we to empower our partners to reach their full potential.  



We offer solutions for cannabis organizations looking to enable diversity and inclusion initiatives through customized programming and sponsorship opportunities 


Every entrepreneur needs someone to follow, someone to lead and someone to walk beside them

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Meet Our Team

We are a small but effective team dedicated to preparing aspiring  African American entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive in the cannabis industry.


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